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Timesheets can be used as a standalone/network solution for SMEs
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10 November 2014

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Measuring time is a difficult task for most of us as our busy lifestyles don’t leave us with much time for recreational activities or assessing the time spent. As children we were often told to create a time table for all activities done on a particular day and estimate time for study, play and watching television too. As we grow older we forget the importance of such small efforts that helped us in managing our time in childhood and nowadays we require the assistance of computer based software and application for each and every task of ours. Timesheet Xpress 2010 is a useful application in the same regard for managing time taken for miscellaneous activities and also works as cost saving tool for better administration.

Timesheet Xpress 2010 opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options placed at the top pane and a humungous range of options placed in the form of interactive tabs placed at the left panel. This innovative solution is used by thousands of professionals across countries an claim to save ample amount of time and energy spent on employee management and further allows the organization to track time and makes it easy for measuring productivity and the this application is immensely simple to install and manage as well. It includes varied functionalities for reporting and project management purposes and efficiently organizes tasks such as billing, productivity and profitability along with invoicing and payroll processes, besides having an in-built networking wizard that allows keeping a track of all details and intricacies.

To sum up, Timesheet Xpress 2010 certainly proves to be a useful application for managing business related activities and gets a rating score of 4.5 points owing to its cost effective premise and user friendly working along with stellar performance.

Publisher's description

Timesheet Xpress is a professional timesheet solution used by thousands of people in over 40 countries, most users estimate that since using the software it save them between 1-3 hours per employee PER WEEK. The software is easy to use, install and manage with little or no training required for users and a great time entry interface. Timesheet Xpress will allow your organisation to Track Time and charges in an easy to use methodology from the input for users to the output of extensive reporting. Timesheet Xpress includes as standard over 90 reporting functions ranging from project budgeting, Gannt charts, productivity & profitability, Billing, Time & Attendance, Invoicing, Salary/Overtime & Employee Reports. Manage Multiple Billing rates with Links to MS Project, Outlook & Excel. Additional features include Project Budgeting, Billing, Leave, Expenses and Activities Manager, User Access Controls and Easy Networking Wizard. Can use cloud services such as Dropbox/OneDrive for local or mobile/ Remote users. Try the free download.
Timesheet Xpress
Timesheet Xpress
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